Antoine Preziuso Trillion Tourbillon of Tourbillons

Press Release – Baselworld 2019

Antoine Preziuso Trillion Tourbillon of Tourbillons

Antoine Preziuso is showcasing a spectacular new version of his calibre Tourbillon of Tourbillons, a high-precision timepiece that was created in collaboration with his son Florian. Tourbillon of Tourbillons won both the Innovation Watch Prize and the Public Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2015. The timepiece Trillion Tourbillon of Tourbillons was preselected at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2018.

The Trillion Tourbillon of Tourbillons a one-off watch, features diamonds as part of its exclusive, flamboyant appearance, with an interplay of lights that awakens emotions. This is both an adventurous and sophisticated creation, as this extravagant, timeless watch not only defies the laws of gravity and plays with those of resonance, it also represents a masterpiece of high jewellery pushed to its limits.

Antoine Preziuso entrusts his reputation to the eternal beauty of these diamonds. This free spirit of watchmaking distils his creativity with daring and doesn’t shirk any challenges.

A work of High Jewellery: the art of displaying maximum brilliance

The Trillion Tourbillon of Tourbillons, a masterful homage to the challenges of watchmaking, features three tourbillons dancing on a revolving plate, which are connected by a triple- differential gear and separated by three pure-white Top Wesselton G+ trillion diamonds. The three tourbillons rotate around each other in 60 seconds and the plate completes six rotations each hour.

At the back of the watch, on bridges decorated with Geneva stripes, there are three rubies on the sapphire back that are positioned at six o’clock, opposite from three other smaller rubies at twelve o’clock.

The complex architecture of this watch, which is set off by a 47 mm case that is deliberately extravagant, blends harmoniously with the white 18 ct gold with 233 diamonds that are 24 carat baguette-cut in rare white (Top Wesselton G+), invisible mounting, of unparalleled purity and radiance.

Baguette-cut is one of the most difficult cuts to carry out. Its quality guarantees that light will be reflected well and gives the diamond its magnificent radiance and beauty.

The Trillion Tourbillon of Tourbillons is a fascinating symphony of light and is evidence of Antoine Preziuso’s ability to combine High Watchmaking with High Jewellery.

Three international patents protect the Tourbillon of Tourbillons, reflecting the creativity and capacity for innovation of ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE, where the project was brought to fruition after a decade of research.

Multiple Tourbillons on a Revolving Plate

Associating three tourbillons on a revolving plate gives the timepiece unmatched regularity. Each tourbillon completes one rotation per minute, at a faster rhythm than the plate, which completes six rotations per hour (one rotation every ten minutes). The speed at which the tourbillons rotate is accelerated by this double revolution. They are placed equidistant from the centre of the plate, with their respective axes forming an equilateral triangle. Isochronism is enhanced by the fact that the three cages rotate on different axes and at variable speeds.


The closeness of the three independent regulating tourbillons – and their positions on the plate – enable them to resonate, and naturally adopt an identical frequency through a phenomenon known as “synchronism”. When the tourbillons start to resonate, their amplitude increases significantly – in a manner perceptible to the naked eye. The system as a whole thus forms a single revolutionary regulator, vibrating at a perfectly stable frequency of 3 Hz.

Triple-Differential or Synchronizer

This differential is unique both in its conception and the variety of tasks it performs. It must distribute constant energy from the double-barrel to the three tourbillons through the centre of the watch, without affecting the axis of the hands; react if one the tourbillon stops working; and correct any variations in frequency. It contains the tiniest ball-bearing in the world, barely 1.6mm in diameter!